On My Way Childcare

Facility Location:
12 Riverside Drive
Middletown, New York 10941


(845) 692-KIDS (5437)


Hours of Operation
6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday – Friday
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Readers Choice Best Nursery School 2019


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Our daughter was one of the first enrolled students of On My Way, we had the pleasure of watching the building being built from the ground up and the business itself flourish into a bright, nurturing, caring environment where my daughter loves to spend her days. It’s a wonderful feeling to drop your child off at daycare and leave knowing that she is already happily playing with her friends and teachers as opposed to crying because her mommy is leaving her. We have since enrolled her little brother who also enjoys his days and loves his teachers. From the bright, upbeat, open floor plan classrooms right down to the outgoing and caring staff and management, On My Way was the absolute best we could have done for our children when it comes to their safety, education and child care needs.

Mary Parker


We are proud to have been a part of the On My Way family since 2009, shortly after its opening that previous spring. Both of our sons have always loved all of their classroom environments. The staff has always been very attentive to our son’s needs, always showing an extra bit of care and dedication to all our children’s well-being. The center has beautifully bright and clean classrooms with a developmentally appropriate playground, allowing for the kids to enjoy the outdoor just as much as indoor learning experiences. Overall, On My Way offers your children a setting that gives a parent peace of mind going to work knowing that your children are safely cared for by all staff members. Thank You On My Way.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins


Our daughter has been going to On My Way since she was eight weeks old and the faculty and staff have been nothing short of spectacular. They truly care for each and every child that attends the center. Our daughter is extremely advanced and is very social with the other children thanks to the excellent curriculum. If you are looking for TLC and a worry free environment for your child look no further. On My Way offers this and much more. Thank you Peggy and Eric you guys rock!!!

Rachel and David Alana Shrank


Our son has been attending On My Way since January of 2011. In that time we have been thoroughly pleased with his progress and development, as well as with the experiences he has had and the friends he has made. The concepts he has learned and the milestones he has reached working with the dedicated teachers has far exceeded our expectations. The staff and teachers have created an environment at On My Way that allows us to feel sure our son is in extremely capable, loving and safe hands.

Jimmy and Katie Lucas


My oldest daughter has been with the On My Way family since they opened; currently both my daughters attend On My Way. On My Way is a great place for children to learn and grow up with expert and loving care from the owners and staff. I consider the owners and staff of On My Way part of our extended family!

Sean C. Burke


On My Way was a lifesaver for us when our daycare unexpectedly announced they were closing. They welcomed our family and helped us to adjust to this sudden change in our lives. Our daughter was just 18 months at the time and now she is five years old. She has truly thrived in this nurturing environment. When we had our son, the staff of On My Way was very supportive to a mom who had to leave her little bundle at only 12 weeks old. He too has thrived. The staff is great and they really take the time to get to know your kids. They are helpful and patient with everything from feeding troubles to potty training to listening and behavioral issues. They have great activities for the kids in their classrooms, the parents and the whole family. Our daughter has learned so much and is more than ready for Kindergarten. Our son is happy and has made many friends to play with. When we say goodbye to the kids in the morning there is a peace of mind that they are in a safe environment and will be happy and well taken care of by a great group of individuals. They truly are our second family. Thank you On My Way for being there for our kids when we can’t be.

Diane and Dave Hayden


Our daughter has thrived here at On My Way. She has learned structure and socialization as well as her alphabet and her numbers. She also has designated computer and music classes, and plenty of daily arts and crafts activities. Currently, she is three years old, but I have the utmost confidence that she will be more than ready for Kindergarten when she graduates from here.

We also have an infant son who attends On My Way. He is very comfortable with his caregivers and goes to each of them with a smile and without a fuss. He has been growing and developing quickly in the past five months. There are plenty of toys and activities which keep him stimulated and comfortable in a safe environment.

From a daycare standpoint, we have appreciated the extended hours available to us. Even on a snowy day, the center has made every effort to stay open for the day. In addition, except for major holidays, On My Way has been open almost every weekday that we have had to work. We have been very happy with the care our infant son and three year old have received here. We also enjoy the annual Trunk-or-Treat, Thanksgiving and Christmas shows, Easter Egg Hunt, Trike-a-thon, and End Of Year performances.

Bill and Rosa Cirillo


Our son Alex has attended On My Way since he was 15 months old. He is now on is his final few months before Kindergarten. On My Way’s program has helped Alex’s skills develop, providing him with the foundation he needs to move on. With a caring and friendly staff, we couldn’t ask for anything more. Our daughter is soon to start the program and we look forward to her exciting journey.

Brett and Jennifer Nigro


On My Way child care has helped our kids flourish in so many ways. The staff has been such a valuable asset in empowering our children both intellectually and educationally and by honoring the individuality of each of them. They allow our children to discover their individual passion that will help them reach their highest potential in life. The staff is an advocate for the children and parents that they serve. They motivate our children to be the best that they could be. We consider the On My Way staff our children’s extended family. Our children have been our greatest blessings and we would not trust them in anyone elses care.

Kristen and Mike Hanley