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12 Riverside Drive
Middletown, New York 10941


(845) 692-KIDS (5437)


Hours of Operation
6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday – Friday
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Pre K 4/5

The Pre K 4/5 classroom focuses on developing early math and literacy skills within the context of developmentally appropriate activities and learning styles as we prepare and place each child on the right academic “track” for kindergarten. The classrooms are organized into various learning “centers” for the children to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and LEARN in small groups and/or independent play.

4 /5 years

Our Pre K 4/5 program is focused on fully preparing the child both socially and academically for kindergarten. Children are learning a lot more than their ABCs, colors, shapes and numbers in our Pre K 4/5 classroom. The primary goal of our Pre K 4/5 program is to provide students with instruction in language and literacy, math, science as well as social and self-care skills. Students will receive hands-on instruction through activities in the classroom, small group activities, independent learning and through our very exciting curriculum that is in line with the Common Core standards. All of this is designed to ensure each student is “kindergarten ready”.

Our Pre K 4/5 program is inline with NYS Common Core Standards to ensure they are well prepared for Kindergarten. Children will be academically challenged, (at an age appropriate level) focusing more in depth with writing skills, pre-reading, mathematics, science, social studies and social skills. Your child will have the benefit of working in small groups throughout the day with two Head Teachers We have seen such great benefits with this type of programming as the child is assessed by both Head Teachers. This provides great opportunities for the teachers to work together to create individual learning plans for children that are excelling in an area or provide additional one on one instructional time for children that may need additional assistance.

S.T.E.M. Program

Our Pre K 4/5 curriculum also includes our advanced S.T.E.M. program that builds off of our Pre K3 S.T.E.M. courses. This unique program encourages more hands-on exploration of learning and independent studying outside the classroom environment and beyond the academic curriculum of the classroom. A separate Head S.T.E.M. Teacher works with small groups of Pre K4/5 students each day in ½ hour sessions in our “Country” area. The children will be academically challenged, (at an age appropriate level) focusing more in depth with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Study after study has shown that children who experience S.T.E.M. education early on will be best equipped in understanding S.T.E.M. concepts later in their academic career. On My Way Early Learning & Childcare Center has integrated S.T.E.M. lessons into daily curriculum to give our children a better chance of developing a stronger understand of these skills, as well as cultivating a future interest in these fields of study. We have seen such great benefits with this program as your child is assessed by two Head Teachers, one classroom and one S.T.E.M. teacher. This provides great opportunities for both teachers to create individual learning plans for children that are excelling in an area or provide additional one on one instructional time for children that may need additional assistance.


On My Way Early Learning & Childcare Center has partnered with Crystal Run Healthcare to expand its S.T.E.M. program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with monthly visits from Crystal Run Healthcare Physicians.  The yearlong program focuses on providing students with knowledge beyond the classroom curriculum in order for them to explore, discover, and learn.  Each month, a Crystal Run Healthcare physician volunteers their time to present to four groups of Pre K3 and Pre K4/5 students with hands-on lessons ranging from Cardiology and Endocrinology to Gastroenterology and Pulmonology, part of the childcare center’s Science initiative. Thus far this year, Crystal Run Healthcare Cardiologist, Dr. Sandeep Singh, and Crystal Run Healthcare Gastroenterologist, Dr. Cecilia Minano have given presentations on Cardiology and Gastroenterology, respectively, with short educational videos, activities, and anatomy models to generate student’s participation and allow them the opportunity to explore questions related to the specific topic.  Upcoming “LIVE S.T.E.M.” assemblies include Dr. Peggy Nelson endocrinologist and Dr.Geoff Hulse pulmonologist.

Morning snack, lunch, afternoon nap time and afternoon snack are also incorporated into our daily Pre K 4 routine. All snacks and lunch are provided by the center and included in the tuition. A snack/lunch menu is provided to each parent on a monthly basis. We pride ourselves in offering our parents a flexible lunch plan. This plan allows you the flexibility to bring in a nutritious lunch from home should your child not like the scheduled lunch. Each day you provide a home lunch, you will receive a lunch credit that will be applied to your next tuition invoice.

Our experienced teachers and assistants form a caring, nurturing and response relationship with each child. This relationship is enhanced through the daily interaction and communication between the parent and staff as it relates to the child’s development and needs. A daily report of your child’s day will be filled out and provided at the end of each day. This daily report is a summary of your child’s day as it relates to activities, accomplishments and projects worked on during the day. We welcome our Pre K 4 parents to call directly into the classroom each day to get a verbal update on your child’s day. And of course, parents are welcome to drop in at any time to observe their little one in action.

A written child evaluation is provided to each parent 3 times a year showing your child’s progress and developmental achievements. These reports are completed in November, February and June. Parents are encouraged to set up a parent/teacher conference to discuss the evaluation one on one with the head teacher.